Mission Statement

The mission of Third Degree Communications, Inc. is to provide dynamic, energetic, and highly informative training and consulting to working professionals and corporations. This training is delivered by specialists currently working in their field as subject matter experts - people with up to date experience. Each presentation is an entity in and of itself and is regarded with more care, scrutiny, and improvement based on customer feedback than the one before it. The end goal of each training experience is for the student to leave with a "wow" effect and with a clear affirmation of time well spent.

The "Interview & Interrogation" 3 day seminar was an excellent educational experience. The class was facilitated by 2 current SJPD officers, Paul Francois and Enrique Garcia. The methods taught in this training will be useful in extracting information from involved employees, witnesses and victims during interviews. I highly recommend this training for any Probation staff who have the necessity to interview/interrogate individuals for investigation purposes.

R. Bret Fidler

Santa Clara County Probation Department